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Welcome to Software Design, I have developed some php/mysql applications to fit me needs, and have choosen to make them avaliable to the public. The reason I have created the applications is that I had not been able to find one's that fit my needs.

General Information

Over the years of setting up site's for home and work I have created scripts/structures that have given me nice little programs/script that work nicely and have choosen to open then up to use the public.

At this time I have one sample working at this site Revision Control Software. Used to create backup of files and tree structure for the htdocs root down. This is done by storing the information in Mysql. Just added Implementation of changes made in the QA or Development Enviornment to QA or Production. This is done by using the RC Control Software on both sites and send requests for file change from the enviornment above.

Example: First Step make a change on the Dev Env then create a back via the software. Second Step go to the QA Env and request an implementation of changes.

Then the software will look at the last revision on the Dev Env and pull the files marked change and install then on the QA Env for testing.

Second script I have placed up here is Dynamic Menu This works using Mysql as well but am having a little issue with GD on my host. It has root menu's with sub-menus under it storing the menu titles and links in Mysql and creating the menu via GD on the fly. so now editing code just adding a record to the Database and your menu changes.

Third one I am working on at this time is a photo gallery using Mysql to store the images as well as using PHP to create Thumbnails on the fly and only displaying them to the user. This in turn reduces bandwidth. Because you are not sending the full image untill the user requests it. I have one setup to use Album and sub-album names to help arrange the albums.